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How to stop wasting your time and achieve your goals?

We all have 24 hours available in hour days but its all about us how we decide to use them. Maybe you are wondering why some people are more successful and live their dream lives while you are watching motivational videos and don’t see any difference. That is because they use their time reasonably. In order to become successful and achieve your goals, you need to use your precious time for the things that will help you accomplish your goals.

Here are some of my tips on how to stop wasting your time and how to use it in order to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Book of the week: Danielle Steel – The Mistress

The MistressLove, art, theft and money…

…. This is all that this book is about. If you like to read stories about art and love you will love this book the same as I did. I bought this book in a small bookshop in Bali and couldn’t stop reading it until I finished. I read in the car, on the boat, on the trip…everywhere I could and I love happy ends too so I wasn’t disappointed.

I didn’t know Danielle Steel before but I will definitely buy more books from her. ūüôā¬†

Rating: ***** (10/10)

About the book:

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How do I‚Äč read so much? + 6 tips for reading more

Hello everyone, today I decided to write something different and that is on the topic which is one of my favourite hobbies and that is reading. I love to read since I was small and sometimes I feel like I read more books in my childhood than now but I am slowly changing that and turning reading into my new habit.

In this blog post, I would like to give you some tips on how to read more.


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Back from Bali and my happy announcement

Hello, everyone, I am finally back after the almost one-month long holiday. I was thinking that I will be able to write articles from the hotel but bad internet connection didn’t allow me to so I want to apologize¬†to all of my followers for being¬†“quiet” for a long time but sometimes we all need a break.¬†


What you can find in this blog post?

  • Where I have been for so long time?
  • Earthquake on Bali
  • My 1st-year school results
  • Plans for the future articles
  • New books for next semester
  • New job?

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My summer essentials (Beauty, Books and Travelling)

Every summer I usually discover new cosmetic and essentials I need for travelling. My skin is usually changing in the summer season and it is also harder to keep my makeup all day with hot temperatures. Therefore I would like to share with you some of my this summer favourites including beauty, books and travel essentials.¬† Continue reading “My summer essentials (Beauty, Books and Travelling)”

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5 Tips on taking notes from textbooks effectively

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Studying effectively means also knowing how to take good notes. Having good notes written in your own words will help you not only while studying to understand the topic better but also when you are writing assignments such as an essay.

The key point when writing notes is NOT TO COPY WORD BY WORD but trying to write them IN your OWN WORDS so you will actually think about what you are reading. There are different notetaking methods such as The Cornell Method, Mapping Method, The Outlining Method which I will write about in another blog post but in this blog post, I will give you some tips on taking effective notes from your textbooks.

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