Book of the week: City of the lost by Kelley Armstrong


Have you ever dreamed about disappearing from your problems to the place where no one could find you even your family members or friends? Go to the place where you can start a new life, a new beginning with different identity? Well, now you can at least while reading a book the City of the Lost.

Rating: *** (8/10)

I really enjoyed this story, all the characters and idea behind. It is the type of the book which you can’t stop reading. This book was the second English book I read (my mother language is Slovak) and it was really easy for me to understand. I had a little bit problem with remembering names and allocate them with characters in the book. I feel like characters could be more described and there was also a lot of time used similar words such as “nod” for example 5 times on one page which annoyed me a bit and therefore I abated rating from 2*, however, I loved how story was written fluently and interesting and the end was really good and surprising too (at least in my opinion).











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How to create an effective to-do list

Having and planning an effective to-do list is key to stop procrastinating. You probably already find out that when you are multitasking you actually end up being overwhelmed by all the things you have to do and therefore you don’t do any of them or just very little.

If you want to get things done follow these easy tips which will help you to create an effective to-do list.


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How to prepare for school during summer break

If you are like me and studying is your hobby then you will miss school, during usually long (two months) summer break. Don’t be shy because you want to study even when school is “over” and ignore people calling you nerd. Studying and preparing during the summer or winter break is very beneficial and will also save you a lot of time during the school year.

Usually, some schools will provide you with textbooks before you start new semester or at least write some list of topics that you will study. I like to prepare and research different topics which are in my study guide and I would like to give you some tips on how I prepare.

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Bulgaria – Albena Travel Diary

Hello, my dear readers and followers. Its been a while since I wrote a blog post but I have been busy with travelling and I also got sick on holiday so these days I am spending in the bed with a hot cup of tea. You may not know but I also am travel blogger (My travel blog you can find here) so most of the time when I don’t work or study I spend travelling. 

This year I went with my mum, aunt and grandma to Bulgaria in the city Albena. It was a girl vacation and we really enjoyed it, however, weather and water weren’t that hot but we spend most of the time around the hotel on the beach and once we went to the city named Golden Sands for some shopping, where you can find a lot of stands with clothes, shoes, accessories…. but I have to say that most of the Bulgarian people are not very nice and welcoming. We had a bad experience with the seller selling very expensive clothes which said my mum ‘Look at me I am the boss here‘ with a very bad voice which I think you shouldn’t talk to your customers like that …. However, that is a life and you will always some bad and nice people but I have to say in Bulgaria are worst from all countries I have been and therefore I am not feeling like coming back again. Also, staff wasn’t very nice and they were always annoyed when you wanted something…. that never happened to me in the UK or other countries. If you don’t like the job where you have to communicate with people than why you do it? 

Anyways, we had some really nice time and I want to share with you some of my memories through the pictures.


Weekly update and some news

Hello dear readers. Recently I have neglected my blog because of the travelling to Slovakia and finishing my last assignments. However, I want to let you know that now I am free and finally I can continue in my 30 days blogging challenge but today I would like to write something different and that is recapitulation of my last weeks and goals I planned at the beginning of the month. 

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My assignment writing routine as an online student

Having assignment planning routine is helpful not only in order to know how and what you will do for your assignments but it can also improve your grades.

You can have the same routine for all subjects or change it according to your needs. For me as a student of an online University, all my grades are for assignments and therefore planning is an important part of my study routine and thus I would like to share with you some of my tips.  Continue reading “My assignment writing routine as an online student”